WP 1 – Interim report and final report as well as forms and documents for day-to-day project management are available for consortium members on the dropbox.



WP 2


• CASEE-In project logo
• CASEE-In project flyer (click here)

• CASEE-In Facebook profile (


• Project information on other websites (,


• Dissemination of project activities and results during the following events / conferences:


        • CASEE General Assembly at USAMVBT, 24.5.2016
        • IROICA General Assembly at ISA Lille, 9.6.2016
        • Event organized by the Republic of Moldova Academy of Science at Tourist Complex Vatra, 12.6.2016
        • "European Researchers' Night - 2016", Square of the Moldovan Academy of Sciences, 19.9.2016 (link)
        • 51st Croatian & 11th International Symposium on Agriculture, February 15 - 18, 2016, Opatija, Croatia
        • The Week of the University 2017, May 22 - 28, 2017, BUASVM Timisoara
        • The International Conference ''Agriculture for Life. Life for Agriculture'', June 8 - 10, 2017, UASVM Bucharest
        • ICA-Edu Colloquium 2017, June 13 - 14, 2017, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Croatia


WP 3 – results to be published soon



WP 4


- conference program for the students


  • After the conference - ALL GROUPS


June 15th, 2016

Videoconference, where student group leaders briefly present their reports and have a discussion with the other students and partner university representatives present

ALL GROUP leaders should send the report to their home university co-ordinator who will then forward it to Dr. Margarita Calderón-Peter. ALL GROUPS’ feedbacks will be submitted to the CASEE Board in September, who is looking forward to their comments.
- Primary production and regional development – BLUE group 3
- Trends in food safety and food security – GREEN group 4 and BROWN group 5
- Energy, climate change and biodiversity - related environmental challenges – RED group 1
- Biotechnology in knowledge-based bioeconomy – YELLOW group 2


  • individual student reports and student group reports on the CASEE conference are available on the Dropbox for CASEE In project members.



WP 5 – results will be available on the Dropbox for CASEE-In project members