Workpackage 3


WP 3 – Mapping of internationalization


WP Lead: University of Zagreb




- Sustainable partnership
- Curricula more responsive to development needs
- Involvement in the application of national as well as the mutual EU and international educational, research and structural founding projects





1. Mapping, evaluating and profiling internationalization of CASEE university partners by creating sets of indicators to provide useful tools to measure and map internationalization;

2. Assurance of quality standards in following dimensions (a. teaching and learning profile, b. student profile, c. research involvement, d. involvement in knowledge exchange,  e. international orientation, f. regional engagement);

3. Promotion of internationalization.





To determine specific characteristics:


1. The purpose of tool: for instance benchmarking, evaluation, ranking, mapping;

2. The level: institutional level, faculty level, program level;

3. The type of information: quantitative or qualitative;

4. The methods of data collection: for instance self evaluations or surveys.


During the Kick-off meeting in Vienna in January 2016, the methodology for WP 3 was finally fixed, and consultations were taking place.  A tools and indicator sets was developed to help partners to gain clear insight into their internationalization process. Based on the indicators, a questionnaire for evaluation was created and surveying of each partner conducted.

Evaluation reports will be created by each partner. Based on the reports, benchmarking will be engaged and guidelines for internationalization and strategies will be developed and presented at the final conference.