Workpackage 2


WP 2 – Dissemination


WP leaders:  USAMVBT (for website and facebook profile), SZIE (for CASEE / IROICA website links) and SAUM (for final conference).


The principal way of disseminating the project results will be realized through designing and maintaining of the project website. Each development, activity or a stage of the project will result a number of documents, templates and forms with the appropriate support documentation will be available via the project website to all involved participants and stakeholders.


A Facebook profile ( as a social media tool will also be created and maintained.  The CASEE web site  ( as well as the IROICA website ( will also publish project information.
Beside the basic dissemination tool support, complementary dissemination actions are foreseen within the events organized by partners, like the final conference “from CASEE-In to CASEE-Out” organized in Chisinau, Moldova, in October 2017.


The video produced during the conference 2016 can be found on youtube:


Interviews with students about their experiences with the e-learning course (2017) [VIDEO 1; VIDEO 2]


5/6.10.2017: Final conference "From CASEE-In to CASEE-Out" at SAUM, Chisinau - video



Poster summarising the WP2 Activities