Workpackage 4


Presentation of Work Package 4 - New course for Master students


Implemented by Szent István University (Partner 3)

Course description


Introduction to Scientific Communication  gives an overview of CASEE Network, the sessions for the next conference, partner universities, and background information on the most important aspects of scientific communication. The major objective of the course is to give an overview of CASEE Network activities, present guidelines for scientific writing and presentation, and show students some IT based communication techniques. Interdisciplinary approach is a key aspect since students are expected to represent different fields of science.


Course title

Introduction to Scientific Communication


2015/2016 Spring


2 credits

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Course type

on-line / e-learning / conference participation / video conference

Obligatory or optional

Obligatory for DAFM students

Course administrator

Ms Zsuzsanna HELTAI



Course instructors and topics






 Zsuzsanna TARR, PhD

Case study of CASEE Network & annual conference


Ms Zsuzsanna HELTAI

Scientific literature, bibliography, research


Ms Zsuzsanna HELTAI

Scientific Writing - posters,  abstracts, reports



Visual and oral communication



Introduction to IT based communication techniques


Course requirements


1. Students will have access to SZIU’s online education portal (see link above). They are given all the materials required for the course via this portal (reading materials, slides, homework assignments, tests and deadlines).


2. In May, student groups are participating at the CASEE conference where they will first have a short get-together and then spend one hour in each session and the poster presentations. They will hear scientific presentations on different scientific topics from agriculture to biotechnology, which enhances their interdisciplinary approach to science.


3. During the second conference day students will summarise their first impressions and discuss next steps, i.e. writing a report on the sessions from their personal point of views.


4. At the end of the course, students will develop a short common statement based on the personal reports which will be presented at a CASEE Board video conference where the Board members and all students from different universities are present and hear the feedbacks. Prior to it, there will be a student-only video conference to help students exchange their ideas.



Poster summarising the WP4 Activities